Please add drum mags for SCAR and FAL

There are companies that make drum mags for these guns in real life, why not add them to the game? More ammo=more fun

Inb4 "omg that would be op"

@lucjocwhite I´d be already happy if they add the 25rd Magpul Mag for the SCAR-H and 30rd Mag for the FAL!

@malarki83 Same bro. I don't understand why all the other rifles get extended mags and drum mags, why not for the battle rifles? I mean, people do it all the time in rl

Only for coop though >)

That's very exotic and should never be added

@lucjocwhite said in Please add drum mags for SCAR and FAL:

Inb4 "omg that would be op"

You said it, not us. Clearly if you anticipated that would be the main counter-argument to your idea there must be some truth to it.

Yeah a 30 round stick mag for the FAL is a must. Those were fielded in quite a few conflicts around the world.
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@amurka I mean, I'd really only want it for coop tbh. I don't think it'd be a problem for coop, no one cares about balance in coop lol