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I thought I'd make a topic where I can post stuff about my maps for anyone who's interested, rather than clutter up the forum with individual stuff.

You can find the first map I released here:

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My new map is well under way, it's been a bit of a beast to build. The fun for me is making something that passes as a real place. I like spending time on all the little details, it's a nice way to waste a few hours sat at my computer. That means everything takes me twice as long as it should because I don't make things easy for myself. Here's some screenshots of what I've been up to -


The map is based around several tributaries that come together to make two large rivers. I wanted to build a map with lots of dramatic scenery and places where roads can run along exposed cliffs. I like playing maps with choice and freedom though, so I wanted to create something where the player has to choose between many different routes to get to the objectives. Making a map with many rivers and canyons seemed like the way to satisfy both.

There's 9 rivers in total - each one has its own deep canyon. I decided not to use cliff overlays in this map, I didn't want to restrict anyone from going over the edge or trying to climb a canyon. The overlays have a nasty little ridge on the top which makes driving over them difficult. This meant I had to make a lot of custom cliffs. I don't even want to think how much time I've spent carving rocky cliff faces with the geometry tool, texturing them and detailing them with scenery.

The work is paying off though, they're looking something like I imagined when I started the map. The other benefit of this is I can make proper mountain roads - there's no cliff overlay to work around. This map is already packed with roads that skirt along cliff edges, many with perilous drops below, so it's starting to come together how I'd hoped.

I wanted to have some fun with this map and create something a bit more exciting than mostly flat forest or swamp. Hopefully it shouldn't take me too much longer, I'll keep you all updated on it's progress.

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Some in game screenshots of the map -

2_1515539764022_20180109224603_1.jpg 1_1515539764022_20180109224505_1.jpg 0_1515539764022_20180103224252_1.jpg
3_1515539795470_20180109225213_1.jpg 2_1515539795470_20180109225059_1.jpg 1_1515539795470_20180109224755_1.jpg 0_1515539795470_20180109224633_1.jpg
3_1515539841520_20180109225346_1.jpg 2_1515539841520_20180109225327_1.jpg 1_1515539841520_20180109225307_1.jpg 0_1515539841520_20180109225230_1.jpg
3_1515539932051_20180109225732_1.jpg 2_1515539932050_20180109225719_1.jpg 1_1515539932050_20180109225519_1.jpg 0_1515539932050_20180109225434_1.jpg
3_1515539965740_20180109230149_1.jpg 2_1515539965740_20180109230053_1.jpg 1_1515539965740_20180109230007_1.jpg 0_1515539965740_20180109225822_1.jpg
3_1515539995417_20180109230454_1.jpg 2_1515539995417_20180109230440_1.jpg 1_1515539995417_20180109230247_1.jpg 0_1515539995417_20180109230159_1.jpg
1_1515541341729_20180109233254_1.jpg 0_1515541341728_20180109233051_1.jpg

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damn, that looks impressive. I love those cliffside trails

Looks fantastic, mate! I'm certain that the hours we're sure to spend on this map will do justice to the many more hours you've poured into it! Keep at it! πŸ™‚


Thanks bud!


Thanks! Yeah, it adds a whole new dimension to the game play when you know one mistake is gonna send you tumbling down a cliff.


Thanks, and I enjoy using the editor. It's been scratching a creative itch for me. If people enjoy playing my maps, that's a really cool bonus too.

@Torridon88 wow very nice work .... looks really natural ... impressive lucking forward to it

Great work! will you upload it soon? and where can i look for it..Rufus


Thanks bud!


Thanks! I will post on here when it’s finished and tested.

Wish I had your eye for mapping! Can't wait to play it πŸ™‚


Thanks man, your swamp trails map is looking good too.

Cheers, it's geting more fleshed out more distributions, as it did look empty, some parts will have to be removed and started again as it's "slap this here" mentality, and I don't like it.


Yeah I did that a lot with Highwater. I ended up revisiting things constantly to improve stuff. I’m trying to take things slow and steady on this map so I don’t end up stuck in that cycle again.

As u remember we did highwater in over 22h. So u have test players ready πŸ˜ƒ

@mihkel-jacksoff said in Torridon88's Maps:

As u remember we did highwater in over 22h. So u have test players ready πŸ˜ƒ

Yeah, waiting eagerly πŸ™‚


Thanks guys, I’m working on it as often as I can. I will be asking a few testers before I release it properly. I’ll post on here when it’s time.

Looking fantastic. Keep up the good work!

If you need testers I got a few free hours πŸ™‚