Leaning f***ing up hitbox?

Is there a chance that leaning is f***ing with hitboxes? I noticed that most hitreg issues i get is when i try to shoot people that are leaning.


I try to get more footage, but my games crashes all the time with this new update.


I think on this instance it could be that you were suppressed that is why your shots missed. The accuracy is reduced a lot which is better for the overall feel of the game in my opinion.

It's possible that it is. Maybe some changes should be done to the way the players are animated.
This video might be relevant when it comes to third person animations. We might need to trade some responsiveness/speed for better gunplay.
Youtube Video

@zefs the shot (the 2nd one) didn't miss. It hits the ground right behind him as if the playermodel wasn't even there.

Has anyone thought to check the fountains hitbox?