Best settings ?

Hello Insurgent !

What is your settings to run great the game ?

I play on GTX 1070 8GO - I7 6700HQ 3,5 GHz - 8 GO DDR4 - GAME ON SSD

But i dont have a good graphic experience in game, lag , freeze, fps down 😞

Have you some tips ? Thanks 🙂

Steam has a built in FPS counter that you can enable. Just turn it on and fiddle with the settings while you're in a local game. Most of the settings are instant result (don't require a restart) so you don't need to ask us. You can just try it and see what gets you the best mix of FPS and decent visuals you'll be happy with.

First of all have you tried overclocking the CPU and GPU to get as much of a performance gain as possible? Considering you are on a laptop this may cause heating issues so this will require temp monitoring to ensure your not thermal throttling anything while gaming (a notepad cooler would be a great idea if you don't have one already).
Now in terms of settings, just looking at your specs I would guess that the game should run fine on medium settings with super sampling turned off, and any shadow settings either on the lowest or around medium setting. Don't forget to turn your scope quality to low aswell as this is quite taxing on your performance. But the best bet is to muck around with the settings and see which works best for you. But like I said previously high powered gaming may cause some heat issues with your laptop so just be sure to monitor those aswell.
Hope it all gets better for you 🙂