performance after latest patch (06/09/18)

At first I thought there was hardly any change, still getting stutters and terrible fps with massive drops....well I have just had another game but this time lowered the texture pool and all 3 shadow settings and it seems to have improved 🙂 quite A LOT!

Games seemed smooth and for the first time was seeing highs of over 100fps, it still drops though but over all it was MUCH MUCH smoother with all round better performance, I have most other settings on medium and my specs are

i3 6320
gtx 970
8gb ddr4
windows 10 pro
normal hdd

if you are still struggling with stutters etc then try lowering the texture pool and all 3 shadow options, seems to have worked for me (fingers crossed lol)

Wait. You lowered the "Texture Streaming Pool Size" and that increased your FPS?


What's the point of increasing it then? I kinda forgot what that setting does.

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Yep, also lowered all 3 of the shadow options below it, the game still isn't perfect but its playable again with MUCH better fps and MUCH less stutter 🙂

Would you mind posting all your settings?

Oh and does anybody know what exactly the texture streaming pool size is doing?

@feuerholz said in performance after latest patch (06/09/18):

Would you mind posting all your settings?

Oh and does anybody know what exactly the texture streaming pool size is doing?

As longs as you lower the texture pool and the 3 shadow options below it, have smoothing off and uncapped fps it should run quite good, I have the normal shadow option on low, nearly everything else is on medium, I will try to post it all up later.

Not sure what the texture pool is but lowering it (along with shadows) makes a massive difference!

I always like to push my rig to the brink, and with my three years old laptop (ASUS ROG G751), I am able to set everything to Very High, fidgeting between 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 Shadow Map Res and such and still able to get a (mostly) smooth experience. I haven't tested it enough yet and will give it some more time, but having jumped back into a Coop game on Summit (which was previously the worst performance-wise to me) and I was able to have a much MUCH more pleasant experience overall.

As you said, there are still some stutters here and there, and I am not sure it has to do with how high I am putting my settings as putting them lower won't prevent some occasional stutters and frame drops. Tried different situations (staring at an exploding vehicle, being caught into a firefight, or just roaming around a building or on top of a high point with lots of backdrop to render) and I can't really pinpoint where the drops in frame happen. At this point, I am starting to think it has to do either with server performance or with texture loading time which are always weird with UE4.