Firesupport call-ins takes too long to arrive

I count around 40 seconds for a barrage to start being bombarded on the map. This is way too long to be of any use to the team. Too often I will call something in and it won't come in time to be of any use in the team's push.

If you're playing coop, and are doing the defending sequence, it will be bombarded at the very end, if not the end of the counter attack, making it useless. For it to be used reasonably effectively you are going to have to break immersion for yourself and call it in during the cap, for the inevitable counter attack, as if you can see into the future.

You know this is true they take far to long and by the point they come your team is in the zone that you called it on

The only one that doesn't take too long to arrive is the Autocannon strafing run (A-10 Warthog)

I'd love to be able to prepare fires, like "when we take Objective B, have artillery screen the counter attack thirty seconds after we take it". By having some way to have prepared fires that arrive on tight time tables, we could leave ad hoc support as a reactionary thing that has a longer lead time to account for the lack of planning. That way, if a commander takes the time to prepare, the support is much more effective, but they can still be used in the event that the plan goes off the rails.