Hello Insurgency-Team,

i know that, right now, you have better things to do with all the bugfixes and patches till final release date.
But i am a big fan of Insurgency and the provided realism.
I also played Insurgeny Sandstorm Alpha and Beta, but in my opinion, there is something missing compared to the usual Insurgency... but i don't know exactly what it is. I hope i can find out... or you get these till the final release. 😉

Also i've seen your Video about the high quality sound in the sandstorm-version.
It's very impressive that the sound of the standard Insurgency could be even improved.
But i have one more Idea to get it even more realistic (main focus would be the Snipers):

I think everybody knows about the time-delay due to speed of sound.
Wouldn't it be awesome to see the sniper shooting but nothing to hear till the sound reached your position (like real life).
Maybe it's to hard to get this in a pc-game. Also the shooting-sounds may have to be louder and hearable over a bigger distance.
(maybe it's possible to link the shooting-sound to a second, very slow moving and disapearing ghost-bullett ?)
Even though, it's not neccessary for the final release date...
but maybe you will keep that in mind for a future update.
In my imagination these would be very nice, espacially for sniper-fights.

Thanks and wish you success to get the game as good as the original ! 🙂