Heightmap packing overflow

I'm really tired of not being able to used the map editor. No matter how careful I am when creating terrain I can't escape the heightmap overflow error. I have two different computers neither have the same hardware or software installed other than the editor and steam, both have issues in fact one is worse than the other.

Anyone else experience the same issue? It nearly impossible to fully utilize the height to create mountainous terrain.

  1. there is max. height limit
  2. there is sloping limit

My advice is: use "autofade" feature as much as possible, at least until you get into it. It'll save you a lot of nerves (personal experience)

Thanks I had no idea of the sloping limit!!! Will give your suggestions a try.

That fixed the issue, had to scrap my map and rethink design but at least I know it was user error and not my systems or the application.

Big cliffs are common problem: many players want to use them, but they don't work 😃
With some practice you will get a point, what you can or can't do, don't worry...