hello, I would like to report some things that are not good in insungercy sandstorm:
1- you must absolutely introduce a penalty for those who leave the game, as in all competitive games like CS GO and LOL, or the players leave the game for the kd or without reason and the game becomes unplayable for the strong players in the game and also for those less strong because they find themselves alone in the former team: (5 minutes for the first time, 20 for the second, and the more they abandon the match the more the penalty until the ban of a week).
2-improve the animations, they are really too slow, especially when you switch weapon and when you reload the weapon.
3-decrease being slowed down when you are hit, given the high damage they inflict weapons do not have the reaction time, this leads to more fun gameplay giving the opportunity. thank you, (BTK)-HULK