some quality of life features

When you invite a friend he joins your lobby and your server, not just lobby.

When you look at the map, (tab), make the top of the map North the bottom South.... etc etc. its annoying to be in game and have what looks to be north actually be east.

Give us a bit longer warm-up time, especially firefight and push a round or a few waves can be over before the server is full.

Drop the player count in firefight. 24 plays a bit like a small skirmish, i played the other day with 16 and it was much better.

Extended the firefight mode to best of 9 rounds. It will go for a little bit longer and wont end in a draw.

loving the 6/9 patch, my hitreg is back 🙂

To add to this thread.


  • Please show Rocket launchers on players backs.

  • Spawn players in with max ammo. They shouldn't have to run up to a box after every spawn to get a few more shotgun rounds, more grenade launcher shells, or extra RPG ammo. It should just already be assumed given.

  • Same goes for resupplying. If I do a "Full Resupply" with shotgun (or certain other weapons), why am I then able to tap F again to get a few more rounds?

  • Players who spawn with shotguns should already have the "+1 Shell" loaded. They shouldn't have to tap R just to load that 8th shell every spawn.


  • Instead of having the Gunships autocannon be an "instant acquisition spin-bot of death" add max rotation speed to the weapon. This would allow players to run from cover to cover or pop out and shoot an RPG if they're quick enough before the gun could rotate onto them and fire... balancing out the gunship and allowing it to stay in the area longer without it being extremely OP.

  • Please give XP for cache explosions to ALL players in the immediate vicinity. It's a team game. If the XP is shared, then players won't be given incentives to rush ahead to beat their teammates to the cache to blow it, or to toss a molotov/C4/RPG on a teammate who is currently setting the charges just to blow it up first.

  • Commanders who have 2 Observers near them should be able to call in 2 supports simultaneously. The cooldown should be per Observer, not per call.

  • Give any players who have 1 TK or more "reflected damage" for any further damage to teammates. (So if they shoot someone they recieve the same amount of damage they deal) For 2 TKs or more give 200% reflected damage. (might save a life by killing the attempted TKer first) Standing flames from a Molotov or Thermite Grenade that has been deployed for more than 2 seconds should not count towards TKs. People should know not to stand in fire. Damage dealt before that 2 second mark by the grenade/molotov should though.

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Honestly I'd like to have the game go from loadout menu right to spawn with everything ready to go. The sequence of loadout -> 10 seconds in truck -> watching my guy rack the bolt and need to reload/rearm at the box is tedious. Having boring must-do button pressing before being fully ready to start playing doesn't bring any value to my experience, and not having to worry about that would make my experience much better.