lean left is less

lean right is fine but lean left doesent lean enough
lean right is around 1.2 mil
lean left is around 0.5 mil
this is with toz shotgun and pistol doesent seem as bad
dident try all guns but the few i tried are the same0_1536306266266_20180907174038_1.jpg 0_1536306268882_20180907174034_1.jpg

This is realistic, isn't it? Having the long arms on your right shoulder wouldn't allow for a far peek, a pistol centered in front of you would be more maneuverable.

aaahhhhh ...lol...i think
no it needs to be the same ..as peaking left now is to minimal

so is this not happening to anyone else..its very noticable

It's like this for everyone, I think it's intended. You can't expect the characters to just break their spine just to lean to their less dominant direction. This game is kinda realistic, so it doesn't have a leaning system like Rainbow Six Siege, for example.

well wasnt like it previous patch..its a bit to much i think,
maybe a little bit fair enough but its a bit to noticable

If you're holding a rifle and you are right-handed, you can't lean left as far.

for one how do i know if im rught handed and two,previous patch i must of been neither as it wwas fine b4
goofy if you ask me,doesnt feel right