So, Joyfully hopped on the game this morning. I really like the game and im sure im gonna spend many hours with it like Ins2. Here is a few things...

Walking/ running feels much better. Instead of that curvy running path. Overall, movements are much better e4xcept for one, and thats sliding. You cant interrupt it and it feels long and draggy. Feels like something that will ruin your gameplay and style. Also, the last bit of the sliding is studdering.

There is a bug when vaulting. When vaulting, the soldier stands up in the windowframe for a second.
Grenades still seem to have a bit low line of travel. Feels like you are throwing upwards when throwing forward if you want it to go some distance.

The colors are way to saturated in my opinion. Feels a bit like a cartoon series. And too much red in it.

Still studdering in game.

When minimizing game window, the game icon does not appear in windows bottom tool line. So I cdant get back to the game or open it again as it says game is already running. But no where to find it or close it down. Needs a restart. Thats bad too.

And adding cool stuff like the drum mag, and then remove it pretty much sucks. Shouldnt have presented it then.

Maybe its my keyboard, but crouch prone and stance seems a bit more difficult to achieve easily?

Besides from that I really enjoy the game (mostly;).

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