Balcony is in restricted zone on Farmhouse Push [Insurgent side attacking] (Screenshots and coordinates included)

This building now in the restricted zone and can not be used by either the defending side (security) and then cannot be used by the attacking side (insurgent) because it serves no purpose or advantage for the attacking side (Insurgent) based on it's location and lines of sight; it's blocked by the objective building.

Please remove this restricted area to make this building and balcony actually serve a purpose. In the beta#1 you were able to use it just fine.

4_1536300480271_20180907162759_1.jpg 3_1536300480271_20180907162756_1.jpg 2_1536300480271_20180907162754_1.jpg 1_1536300480271_20180907162733_1.jpg 0_1536300480271_20180907162731_1.jpg

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This was actually a bug, will be fixed in the upcoming update.

Thanks for reporting!