I posted about wasting my time getting into a game, only to spectate for minutes and then game ends. It sucks. And why was post deleted?

@byby Youre a piece of work. Try and shut it instead of trying to look good you imbecile.
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Wow. A Post just to whine about a post in which he whined about joining games in progress and not insta-spawning. And they thought this forum would be better than Steam forums because people would be better behaved, lol...

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As I understood it, the issue was specifically about joining servers that are about to change map though. Seems reasonable to me to exclude servers like that from the matchmaking in some way. Probably sounds easier than it is though.

@snuffeldjuret Reposting my reply to you is the point of.... what excactly?
Btw, yes you understood it right regarding this post. It is rather wastefull of a gamers time. But as I am no technical expert I have no clue to how it can be changed. But I reckon that when the option to pick and choose different servers become available, you can just jump from server to another as in Ins2.

@byby Wow. You're going a necro (revive from the dead) a thread that no one has touched for two days?


@byby said in Deleted:

@snuffeldjuret Reposting my reply to you is the point of.... what excactly?

By asking the question, you got the point :).

@Snuffeldjuret I really dont as you are first to respond without any other content or substance. Guess my "old" reply to you is still in effect.

@AMURKA Unlike you I do not live in front of my screen as you obviously do, replying in a "dead" thread only to comment on time past since last post is quite self explanatory.
Its clear that this forum is in no lack of trolls and internet wizards. LOL

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