Bot's Can Pop Into The Turret of Your Truck...

I was having a good 'ol time running down insurgents and watching their limbs fly as they made contact with my front bumper, but then JUST as I was about to ram another one with the 'ol front fender it just teleported into my OWN trucks turret and starting trying to shoot me through the roof. I had to get out and shoot it through the gap in the turret and very nearly died doing so. This happened THREE times in a 2 minute period.




GET RID OF THE TELEPORTING TO TURRET/SEAT. It ruins the game and kills immersion.


That was actually intended. There's even an achievement for killing the driver of an enemy vehicle with the back turret.
It's not totally unrealistic either, as there's nothing stopping anyone from climbing on the DShK.

Maybe a way to balance it would be to have the technical having a speed threshold. If that threshold is exceeded, players cannot enter the vehicle, and exiting the vehicle will do damage. Tie that in with potential entry and exit animations, and it'd probably be in a better spot.

Other than that, the driver isn't totally helpless in a vehicle. You can actually pull out a pistol while driving, as a passenger, or climbing a ladder, and use that to defend yourself; Be it shooting a suicide bomber rushing your truck, or capping a guy that just jumped in with you.