September 6th patch comments

Well, finally we got servers in south america, that means less ping and more fun. Thanks for that guys, it means a lot for me and all the south american community wich plays insurgency.
Surprisingly, hit registration appears to be better, i hadn´t any troubles (yet) shooting someone, although we need old insurgency one shot kills ladies and gents! As i repeated once and again, DAMAGE IS TOO LOW!!!!, bullets need to hurt or the game looses all the escence.
FPS got better, not ideal. I had less FPS drops but still can´t reach a constant FPS flow of, at least, 60 FPS. Devs need to work harder.
Map optimization is still poor from my point of view.
Graphic options adds are great but i´m still not convinced with overall brightness. Can´t you just add a configuration option to reduce it, come on!!!.
I want to say that this is not the most distinctive note of the patch. This update shows us that the devs are listening and making their biggest effort to give us a great succesor of insurgency. However i must say it is not enough, and they need to work harder and think ten times every step of the way.
Keep it up guys! my dissapointment with this game is going away but i still think that you need to reconsider delaying launch date.

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I am happy with this update.

The game play feels little more intense and little more lethal.

We are going in the right direction.

We just have to go farther in this direction.

Developers should remember what made Insurgency 2014 great.

If you take away fast TTK from Insurgency , what will make this game different from other Military Shooters ?

( Call of Duty , Tom Clancy's , Battlefield , Counter Strike , and etc. )

Insurgency 2014 was very unique because of the fast TTK.

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