Bot difficulty after Sept 6 patch

Good news: hitreg is majorly improved
Bad news: co-op is much more difficult because insane bot reaction and target acquisition time is no longer masked by the old bad hitreg

Yeah, 180degree turning bots still aren't fixed and are almost as bad as the grenade launcher bots in beta1 now

Just went 40:8 and still lost all 3 rounds... Combined with the majorly reduced XP for co-op defeat it makes co-op completely unviable if you want to unlock gucci shit. Hopefully should be easy enough to tweak now though.

I almost always die when smoke is involved. The bots can see through it and I can't. I would LOVE to see this balanced by there being a bot accuracy de-buff when either the bot or the player is in smoke (or there is smoke between the two).

I wish I had the clip, but I was prone 100m+ from the last objective (bridge) using a 4x to acquire targets.. and a bot walks out of the smoke and INSTANTLY snapshots my head while hipfiring and strafing to the left. FUCK THAT. If I'm not moving or firing, the bots shouldnt be able to 100% always spot me the INSTANT there is line of sight, let alone have PERFECT accuracy while moving and firing from the hip.

I hated the old Ins2 bots for the same reason, they could hipfire snapshot your head at ANY range, even though their guns only ever have ironsights on them, and they never stop, stabilize or use bipods to do it.

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