September 6th Patch Feedback

I've only done two matches but I thought I'd start getting impressions down.

  • Performance is better, although still poor. With the new options I'd describe the experience as playable. I still get the occasional frame drop.
  • Hitreg is dramatically improved. I have not had an episode of bad hitreg yet.
  • New voice lines are great, hope to see more.
  • Various UI improvements are nice — tooltips and gamemode descriptions on loading screens, more legible objective status text. More great signs that feedback is being read.

Edit: Armor is now mostly useless. 5.56 has the same TTK vs armored or unarmored based on pvp gameplay and testing on bots.

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Liking the fact that the hit registration appears to be loads better. It's going to make feeling out sandstorm significantly easier when I don't have to wonder if a full mag dump registers or not, in addition to making the TTK easier to discern.

hit detection is a major improvement though there were a few absolute bullshit moments of spraying down or shooting at enemies only to be just shot by a burst.

even on the same region that the server region i'm at, hit detection is iffy at times and I don't find it reliable yet. However, it is a good improvement.

The flashbang is insanely quick to deploy now, almost comically fast. I can see myself consistently taking them over frags when playing breacher.

Also beware: the game absolutely will not tolerate alt-tabbing now when in fullscreen. I've had extreme hangups and eventually a failure to re-open. I assume they did something to prevent it from returning to borderless windowed when alt-tabbing.

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i'm still getting stuttering

I've played a good number of matches now and feel I can comment on the new TTK.

Naked is the way to go; I rarely survived being shot while wearing heavy armor, nor did I notice if my opponents were armored or not. I went into a local match and confirmed this — it takes 2 shots of 5.56 to the torso to kill both an armored and unarmored target. You simply will not notice any benefit from armor unless you're up against pistol calibers. Better to have the extra speed and 3 points spent on smoke and flashbangs all of which are much more likely to keep you alive.

Between this and consistent hitreg it's much harder to move in PvP. For better or worse Insurgency 1 & 2 purists got what they wanted.

Still, I feel the speed of doing some actions like changing from weapon to grenade, using it and going back to weapon or sprinting and using the scope to focus etc. do not "sync" up with the pace of sprinting and the overall game speed. The flashbang change is more suitable with the overall current game speed (although now it's a bit too fast). I'd rather have Ins2 overall speed/feel though. But kudos to the devs for doing great work with the patches, the game is shaping up nicely!

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@doghead yep, it's really stupid rn. Totally pointless to get armor.

@doghead said in September 6th Patch Feedback:

I went into a local match and confirmed this — it takes 2 shots of 5.56 to the torso to kill both an armored and unarmored target.

Until it is confirmed that bots behave the same way damage-wise as real players do and they visual vest you see accurately reflects what vest they have in their "stats", I wouldn't recommend that method for drawing definitive conclusions. Has this been confirmed yet? It would be very handy for such tests.
Assuming your observations are correct, I would say 5.56 on unarmored should be 1 hit kill and on heavy armor a 2 hit kill. And on legs 2 hit kill tops imho, even below the knee...

For what it's worth I have (post patch) landed an SVD hit that the target survived (I saw blood splatter), which I found odd because I thought that's one of the only 1HK weapons even against heavy armor right now. But on the bottom line hitreg has much improved. Thanks for the quick fix NWI! I'm impressed yet again.

The update is great, but they need to make some difference between armor and no armor. Unarmored should be one hit kill on the chest regardless of calibers, light armor should stay as the way it is, heavy armor should be able to stop 3 rounds from 5.56 and 2 from .308.

@grotesqueshadow Until we get private servers there isn't a better way to test this. I'd assume bots do have the armor they wear because making them otherwise would involve work that the dev team really have no reason to perform.

I noticed 2-shot torso kills with SVD as well. It looks like some guns may have been secretly adjusted as this definitely wasn't the case before the patch. Using the shotgun yesterday it seemed its effective range had doubled.