Experience for lost games is abysmal

Now that there's an unlock system based around XP, the time investment for lost co-op games is completely out of whack. A 20 minute game pays out less than 500 XP, which is more frustrating than necessary to punish defeat.

Kicking this back up because the bots got another AI update and we still get next to nothing when they stomp the team after 30+ minutes of gameplay...

I had a coop game with ~140 kills and only got 3000 xp for like 60+ minutes of play. Just because we lost.

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I do agree, I can put in a lot of time and get a lot of kills with nearly no return because my team wasnt able to help.

Yah, I agree as well.

It would also be nice to be able to get some experience for a game if you don't complete it. I've had to leave a co-op game after half an hour before and got no XP at all because I wasn't able to stay through the final match.

I think that might already be in the game, at least in certain circumstances. I did notice my XP going up between games when I had to leave early. Not sure if the round needs to finish first or anything though.

Heyo, saw this post and wanted to ask did they tell us how the exp gets earned?

Because when I play it feels like you only get Exp for completing objectives not for the time invested or your Kills.

And how much does your end score count towards the exp?

Or, do like Local Play, and give players an extra respawn point every time they get an objective. Have it on a long timer, or have it so that if a player goes back to last point it triggers a wave. There are a couple points that are incredibly hard, but most are doable.

Yeah, I got about 3k xp for an 89 minute long game just because we would always get to the last objective and then end up losing. The co-op experience rewards before this patch was way OP in my opinion and there needs to be a better balance between earning exp in co-op and PvP. A player shouldn't have a "go-to mode" if they want to grind experience for unlocks. They should be able to play whichever mode they want and not worry about whether or not the time they are investing is most effective in earning experience and leveling.

now imagine you play a firefight game for that time and gain even less xp in that time... 🙂

The XP- gain should be separated to gamemodes, as suggested in another thread.

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@starsiege said in Experience for lost games is abysmal:

Yeah, I got about 3k xp for an 89 minute long game just because we would always get to the last objective and then end up losing.

That's the worst. I'd rather get stomped at the beginning. Too often we start off with 8 players, lose at the end of the first round. Lose 2 players and now we have to do it again, lose again, lose a couple more people. Lately tho I had a couple games where we started out at 3-4 players and knocked it out first try. Was fun cause at that point people realize if they want the XP they better bring the A game.

I think winning should give you more xp to encourage players to go for the objectives and actually win the match, but I wholeheartedly agree that the xp on a lost game is abysmal. It's gotta be increased as it's really one of the only incentives to play the game (ranking / cosmetics) besides simply enjoying the game.

Co-op, around 80:5 and 5+ caps, an hour of gameplay, 2000 XP. I assume gameplay and bugfixes are the priority right now, but part of the incentive for me to keep playing the beta to find and report issues is XP and unlocks, even though they're getting reset. If the game isn't going to respect my time, I'll probably cut back on playing the beta...