SUGGESTION: Fast reload should drop a visible mag on the ground

Right now there's little reason to use regular reload because you would seldom want to reload slower just to keep a half full magazine. The game should incentivize regular reload a bit more by making the fast reload leave a visible trace on the ground. It makes perfect sense realistically, too. Thoughts?

I vividly remember this feature being implemented at one point.

Perhaps using fast reload should greatly increase the time it takes to resupply at crates. Just a thought. Maybe 1-2 seconds per dropped clip?

@amurka That wouldn't really make sense realistically

It doesn't make sense that grabbing the exact magazine you need for your gun out of a mixed bag of ALL ammo types for ALL guns would take at least 1-2 seconds per grabbed mag? OK

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@amurka Well, what doesn't make sense is that you already automatically ditch empty magazines.

I guess what I was trying to argue was that doing a full reload + refilling grenades, launchers, and explosives should not (almost always) be faster than just doing a manual reload and quick-grabbing magazines. How they go about it is up to them.

I'm just suggesting that the AMOUNT you need to refill (having spent mags, used grenades and all your launcher ammo) should impact the length of the FULL reload action at crates.

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