I FOUND IT!!!! THE DEBUG MENU FOR OFFLINE PLAY. HIT "-" ON YOUR NUMPAD. Enjoy modifying the weapons, giving yourself new weapons, testing spray patterns, damage outputs against differently armored targets, learning bot spawn locations, changing AI difficulty, and more! Note, your mouse cursor may disappear, however, you can browse the menu with your arrow keys, and select with enter. ENJOY!!!

Was posted in the Discord room a good, eh, 2 days ago but I guess if people haven't joined it yet they didn't get the message. 🤷♂

actually dropped my bag of crisps when reading this. thanks for sharing

I just decided to post it here since i couldn't find it pretty much anywhere online. Gotta spread the love though! This should also help people see if hit reg is an issue, test which weapons are one shot kills (slugs), see if head shots produce different effects against heavily armored targets vs non-armored targets, etc. Being able to turn off the AI to test these things is super nice.

@lordsiggi Just be careful about the AI bot damage/health model, it may not reflect what a player health is, they might be different.

Thank you for the information.

How do we set the number of bots ?

I want to try 30 vs. 30 and watch 60 bots killing each other

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