I am sick and tired of getting team killed, join a game of skirmish and the character Pacoman432 goes and a rampage of only killing me and of course there is no vote to kick so i just have to take it for the first 5 mins of a game that just started! I rarely can join a game that just starts!

I had a guy stalking me all over the map one day, constantly meleeing me. I got sick of his bullshit eventually and made him eat lead, only for him to respawn, find me, and immediately start again. I can't kill him again without getting banned from the server, so he's free to harass me as much as he wants now. I try to make him follow me out into the open so his dumbass will get domed by a sniper... he pulls his rifle and guns me down.

God I fecking despise people, sometimes. It's a sick person who gets joy out of ruining someone else's day.