BIG BUG: Search for competitive matches BETA #2

Many times it happens that in the match a person is missing. It almost seems like it's a party or research problem that counts for a player that does not exist. Many people do not play competitive for this problem.

Even after 5/6 automatic restart of the search for competitive match, sometimes you can not find 10 people on the server, becouse one is always missing.

Because of the huge stuttering and for this bug, people do not play insurgency sandstorm, and prefer other games at this time.

I hope these bugs are resolved quickly, so as to reach a good number to play competitive and make tournaments on ESL.

Thank you developers for your efforts!

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This is probably the most important issue the game have right now.

Matchmaking has many problems right now. And I totally agree with you sadly, this need to get fixed.
I really don't know where does it come from, but you sometimes have 7/10 players connected and 3 players that never show up. I still don't get where does it come from, probably because of auto-requeuing and people are leaving the game without stopping the queue.
The number of people queuing for competitive decreased from ~85 to ~10 in less than a week because of this problem, and I did not see more than ~20 people queuing at the same time since the last 6 days, and yeah, this is really annoying honestly.

Love you all!