Helis Get Kills When Their Guns Aren't Firing

Multiple times now I've seen the Minigun Support Chopper getting kills in the killfeed when their guns aren't even firing. Often times it's when they've already said that they're "going down!" and then on the way down they magically get a few more kills.

I just died to the Attack Chopper because I stepped outside in between bursts to fire an RPG at it and suddenly the ground around me exploded from its autocannon shells, even though it wasn't firing.

Also can we talk about how it's IMPOSSIBLE for that gun to fire straight down? I mean...I'm not asking for simulation realism where in real life the Apache would never even be visible to the naked eye and people would just be exploding around us... I'm just saying the mechanism does not rotate to aim straight down because the entire gunship is designed to keep targets to the front, not right beneath...

Go to the replay feature and look at how weak the heli setup currently is : the dude is T-Posed in the gun turret, with his face sticking part way out of the fuselage. And I don't even think the gun is to the proper scale, nor in the correct position (not an expert on that matter).

The gun pointing straight down that I was talking about was the Apache, but it applies to the Blackbird as well. They shouldn't be able to shoot straight down, but they ALSO shouldn't be directly over the combat zone...that's just not how it works.

I've free-cammed up to the Attack Helo and it doesn't even have a pilot or interior rendering (why would it). Having them have people inside would make the recks more realistic though, seeing bodies and parts go flying...