Shadows too dark

The lighting in the game currently makes it extremely difficult to see into shadows causing a lot of eye strain and an unnatural look. I have noticed that Beta 1 and earlier Beta 2 have not suffered from this. There is also no way of adjusting brightness or gamma settings which really exaggerates this issue further, as does the lack of any illuminating equipment. A flashlight attachment would be appreciated and a realistic addition to a soldiers CQB kit.

I agree. Crossing especially. On coop I’ll walk into a room, stare for a second, and not see the guy. While I appreciate NWI’s care for graphics, never in a game like this should you not be able to see people inside a room. It’s not even realistic. They need to brighten certain rooms a little and bring back the flashlight.

I agree, something is very strange about the lighting... summit is the best of the three maps as is but this definitely needs some attention.

I find that i have to change the gamma/brightness/contrast/black levels at the start of the round for EVERY map in order to play well. Crossing is way too bright, so i turn things down, then get screwed any time i walk into a building. Summit truly is the best map when it comes to lighting. What I've noticed though is that it seems like there's active clouds in the game that possibly cast shadows? I'm mostly thinking of crossing, but sometimes the exact same spot is crazy bright, and other times it's not. I don't get it.