Possible very low option for maximum performance?

as the title says.
I bet many including me would rather play buttery smooth with graphics looking like shit than graphics looking decent and performing shit. I would encourage the devs to put a very low option for max performance output.

I already play with every setting on low and the gameplay is really bad . Sometimes FPS drop below 50 , sometimes they are at 80.
But game still does not feel smooth like the old Insurgency ( from 2014 ). During firefights, it feels like walking/running in a transparent thick/viscous-fluid.

This and the bad hitbox recognition ruin the overall great work of the developers.

I also would prefer to play fluid with 120 FPS with shitty graphics rather than playing like this.

As long as New World Interactive does not fix these two main-problems i stay with the old Insurgency on modded servers which is way more fun than Sansstorm at this point.

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There are more graphics options being added in today's patch: Official Sept 6th Update 1 Performance Feedback Thread

You are very much desperate for performance too soon! The game is beta, I believe performance will come!

Anyway, I agree that game could have more graphics levels. The present Very High could be "ultra" and more levels could be added to help us to tweak the game!