Mud Chunks On Tires

So I'm really surprised at the number of people who ask me 'Why I don't have Mud Chunks on my tires in videos?' It's really easy to remove, Heres how.....

Go into Mudrunner Directory > Meshcache.ZIP folder > and You wanna Delete the File Called 'env_mud_particle'
However, I suggest making a copy of it before deleting it in case you ever need it back for whatever reason.

With Mud Chunks.

alt text

Without Mud Chunks.

alt text

just saw this myself when looking to get rid of the control overlay. lol

I'd say it looks better without mud, in certain circumstances. Sometimes the mud can look a little blocky.

@digital-x just a little blocky? lol i know what you mean though. there are times when they do fit, but most of the time they do not. also it is funny how this is one of the things people were wanting back so badly, only to realize how out of place it can look. i even wanted them back, but now after seeing them ingame i could do without. really it is just the look of them that needs work imo.

If I have permission to use your pictures Smar, I shall be doing a small write up on, hopefully sometime tomorrow.

@smaronenine, That was a good idea. thanks Smar

Glad it helped it's more of a personal preference type of thing really and for me personally I hated it, lol

@smaronenine quite true, but you are not the only one. lol thank you for this smar.

If anybody removed the mud particle you will have to remove it again, the update put it back on.

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