Player Performance Practically Ignored When Calculating Post Match XP + Fixes

I just completed a match of Coop, and just to see the difference (and TBH I was feeling lazy), I did as LITTLE as possible. I got only 7 kills and was there for some of the caps. I still got 4,100 xp. I've had games where I get 65 kills and 4 or 5 objectives and I only get around 6,000.

I haven't done a baseline yet... Where I do absolutely NOTHING. (No objectives or kills) but I imagine I would probably get 3,500 xp just for showing up. This is terrible. I guarantee this is going to lead to XP farmers who set their autoclickers up to click or move every once in a while just to fool the AFK detection.

This isn't just bad because it encourages XP farmers though. It's bad because it doesn't reward active play. It doesn't reward the people who go out there and give 110% and do their best and don't hide from a fight and do a lot for the team.

More problematic though, is that it doesn't punish the people who Alt-Tab out when they die to go browse Reddit or something and often don't come back to play even though they've been re-spawned for a good minute because an objective was captured.

I'm not saying the people who rush ahead and try to blow the objectives before their teammates should get all the points. I'm not saying the people who get loads of kills should get WAAAY more than those who only get a few. I'm just trying to get people to realize the current XP allocation system is garbage. It doesn't give enough incentives for teamplay or hell...even playing.

I propose multiple changes. The Primary change being going to a semi-shared XP system. If there are 5 teammates around a cache, securing the area and finishing off the enemies...all the XP for blowing the cache shouldn't just go to the guy who ran straight up to it before all the bots were dead to hit it with a molotov or plant the bomb... It should go to everyone in the nearby area.

If we're down to our last 2 men, and I'm watching one door of a 2 door house, and my teammate is watching the other and 3 bots come through my door, I want my teammate to get some of that kill XP too. It's a team effort, after all.

There are many other ways it could be improved, but having it be PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE that the XP in the game is shared will go a long way to encourage a team mindset, rather than the "Solo-Rambo/rush ahead to blow the cache first" mentality the game is rewarding right now.

TL/DR: I'm arguing for the game devs to consider how the system for rewarding XP can be reworked to not reward AFK behavior and at the same time give INCENTIVES to work as a team and not just think for yourself.

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More ideas for rework:

First off there should NEVER be a "minimum XP" just for playing a match. That encourages farmers. XP should be given for actions (and maybe a SMALL amount for time played), but mainly for actions and teamwork.

Perhaps just like the proximity system for Observers, the game could have a sliding scale for XP gains based off your proximity to your team. If you're always way off on your own, doing your own thing and running ahead, then the game could detect you're never in proximity to your team and "deter" that sort of behavior by only giving 60% XP for all actions. (and maybe give that player a "shame" badge at the end, like "Not A Team Player" (player spent almost no time near teammates) etc.

On the flip side. If you're taking it slow and careful, and moving up with your team, the game could give a "teamwork bonus +25% XP" by detecting your proximity with multiple teammates.

Or "Covered reloading friendly +50 XP"
Or "Killed enemy that was shooting a teammate +100 XP"
Or "Covered teammate who planted explosives and blew cache +300 XP"

If you want to get even more advanced it could detect how many teammates are in your line of sight and give "covering bonus +5% to all XP per teammate" etc

The numbers could also be based off of how many teammates are alive, so if the team is down to just one person, it would revert to 100% xp gain, (instead of still thinking that player is a loner and giving the 60% XP multiplier)

It could also be based off roles, so Snipers wouldn't be punished for being off on their own...for example (not that sniping is useful in this game)

These are just some ideas I came up with quickly that could improve the team play (at least in coop) and punish solo operators. These ideas might not be the best, but I'm sure we can come up with better ones!

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