Buff footstep sounds

Buff footstep sounds, i generally have no issues with this game, but when running from spawn alot of times i have to look back to see if my team is there because i cannot hear them. Also enemies creep from behind so silent. I think the footstep sound when directly behind is reduced by like 90%

There was another thread on this. And to be honest I'm astonished they thought a problem this big shouldn't be a "priority fix"....

But apparently... players or bots that are not within your cone of vision simply have NO foosteps.

Try it. Watch a teammate that is 5 feet from you run by...but spin around to look away as he does and notice the footsteps disappear!

Yes this needs to be addressed, most of the time I can only hear my own. It is also a good balance to make people sprint less and use crouch/alt key more as well.

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Footsteps and hitreg are my biggest grips at the moment.

@amurka holy shitttt thats op. makes flanking almost impossible to prevent