Windows 10 Pro N
16 GB RAM 3200
Intel i7-7700k 4.20 GHz

Running everything on High and getting over 100 FPS on all maps. Shadow is on low.

Technical Aspects

  • There are times when airstrikes are called with smokes that causes small glitchy feel.
  • Shooting short to mid range distances register slower than long distance shots especially with short range guns. (Sometimes you can see your tracer bullets curve in rapid movement in short distances).
  • Some places on the map you would think you can go over it with ease but end up being blocked or stuck by something invisible on the ground. (Hideout by objective B right side on firefight.) (Insurgency start right side).
  • When you die, the game lets you free look the entire map if you don't click anything to follow your teammates while you are dead.
  • Right click grenades for short distances are not strong enough to throw over walls even if I'm right behind a wall. Maybe its for windows... (Underhand throw can help distinguish a lighter throw.)
  • Airstrikes from insurgency barrage bounces once it hits the floor.

Gameplay/UI Aspect

  • When I'm in a party, I could use a different (bright green) color to differentiate from other players.
  • When Commander it would be nice to see where I am calling in airstrikes before I actually call them like Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.
  • When I pickup more M320 40mm grenades, the UI indicates that I picked up 7 total when I actually have around 4-5.
  • Please add vote kick even in beta to kick afk and team killers.
  • Please add the ability to add more points to guns and equipment when you win rounds in skirmish or some other gamemode.
  • When I que in a party, my teammates cannot see the que time.
  • I don't like how push maps have restricted areas from point A, making it really difficult to defend. (especially Farmhouse). I don't like restrictive play at all. Real tactical shooters shouldn't dictate where you can take position and where you cannot take position. If taking a position far from objective is my job as a sniper, I should be able to do it with the consequences of losing the objective.

Tip for all: Long barrel destroys armor.

One thing I noticed (while everyone is complaining that the game is not hardcore enough), using long barrel quickly destroys my enemy even if they have heavy armor.

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