Spawning issue at beginning of game

At the beginning of a game, when loading into a server early, I have experienced two issues:

  1. Occasionally, I will load into a server prior to the countdown to begin the match (as with the Insurgency 1, the player has free movement and can goof around). However, if I die immediately prior to the match countdown starting (not enough time to respawn), I am left dead at the beginning of the round. I do respawn after a point is taken. I have not experienced this issue where I die but respawn before the countdown starts.

  2. Related to (1), I have noticed that incendiary grenades that I throw in the pre-match period seem to persist during the countdown timer at the beginning of the match. I am unsure of whether the fire damages teammates while they are unable to move.

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As to (2), the incendiary animation continues to run, but it does not damage after the round starts.