No cloaks

There are a ton of fantastic maps out there, however, I'm really not a fan of cloaks, I kinda just like to load a map and do some logging. Does any one have any suggestions of modded maps with none or virtually no cloaks on them?

I've looked at a bunch of maps and the vast majority has "cloaks" as you put it. I think I saw one that didn't, but I don't remember the name since I removed the map. Sorry. I think like the majority of players I enjoy the exploration part. I also like rescuing broken trucks. Logging is fine, but it gets boring if that's all there is.

Cant you just view the dds from the levels folder? And alt tab back to that? Only if it really bugs you!

In the old spintires+ there was a setting to disable the cloaks.
I hope in mudrunner+ they will put it also in some time.

I also really hate the cloaks. But found now way to disable that.

He dont want a maps without cloaks, he want to get rid of all the cloaks in every map.

that´s what i do ATM but it´s just an awful workaroud

Well he was asking for maps without cloaks, but of course being able to turn off cloaks would be preferable to him. I like cloaks. It reminds me of the "fog of war" in strategy games that I used to play.

@alpscruiser Yeah, thats what I used to do in old tires ST+ was a game changer. That mudrunner mod that is about doesn work to well on my computer so can't use it for some strange reason. There was quite a few maps that didn't have cloaks for ST, but all the ones for MR all seem to have them, hence this topic.

I've been playin for years and have well over 1500 hours on both games so am well versed in how this game works. I also made a range of custom trucks and cargo so when I said logging, I meant the act of delivering goods in the off road world which is the only thing that really interests me, the exploration part and unlocking the map doesn't.

We all have our own preferences when it comes to gaming, and this is mine.