Quick Draw Holster not actually quicker

Just noticed this with any pistol's quick draw holster where the animation is much faster, but the time it takes until you're allowed to fire is the same as without the holster.

Easy way to reproduce this is to hold whatever your fire button is while the character is switching through weapons, the weapon will fire as soon as its allowed. For guns with holsters you'll notice there's a delay between when the animation ends and when the shot is fired. This delay does not exist for pistols without quick draw holsters.

I only thoroughly tested this with Security pistols, but I believe it exists for insurgents as well.

I tested this as well with the Tariq and can confirm that there's a delay that prevents the quick draw from being much use.

Oh my god. This is such a basic thing to get wrong. How has such a basic problem with the game like this almost made it into release? Come on devs... You're making it really hard to have faith in your abilities here....

@amurka There's about a million things that go into these games, so something this minor slipping buy isn't really the end of the world. It is what the beta is for after all.

Yea, minor things, like having the people you're fighting against having footsteps when not in your line of sight...

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@amurka It's a beta : "All features are subjected to change and might not work as intended or not work at all!"

The fact that they ever thought tying the sound of footsteps to being visually on screen in an FPS just doesn't give me much hope for the rest of it, regardless of what stage of production it's in. It's hard to explain.

@amurka This is quite harsh to say from someone that probably doesn't know how the game was coded. Since I don't either, I can't say where the problem is from. But knowing enough in coding and game development I can say this is not that they "tied" what's on the screen to the sound. Quick example, you can hear people shooting even when they're not on your screen.
And David is right to say this is a very minor slipping. A forgettable bug almost. Once they get around to it, the fix should probably take only one hour max to develop.
In conclusion, it's only hard to explain if you don't understand what you're talking about. I can't go teach at university when I only finished college kinda thing there. And you can't expect a finished product in a beta, even if some greedy companies like EA does this as PR stunts to maximize sales at the expense of costumers.