Some Ideas For Additional Content


MP5 (not MP5K) for Security: slow rate of fire SMG
Mac10 for insurgents: fast rate of fire SMG but high recoil
MG42, RPK for insurgents,
M60, FN MAG for security machine gunners

Weapon attachments:

Bayonet (like DOI)

Sawn off, duck bill for shot guns

Sawn off barrel increases spread, duck bill makes the spread more horizontal. And something to narrow the spread as well would be nice.

Fire supports:

Anti-Air for insurgents (whether it be SAM or just AA guns): for dealing with A10 and helicopters when you don't have a demolition ready with an RPG


Additional button for zooming in map.
Sprinting cancelling ADS
hotkey to disable HUD (friendly diamonds, objective markers and so on)
Speed reload for shotguns (they are currently sluggishly slow to reload)

When the night maps finally arrive,

Perhaps flares can be fired directly into the sky while it takes a while to fall down?
And deployable flare mines as well for insurgent side, or even just low tech flood light placements that can be shot off.

With night maps also comes nvg’s and ir lasers 🙂

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@iiitommyplaysiii Oh, and instead of stupid red lasers, IR dots should be used of course!

@io543 with IR you can see the whole beam all the way to where it ends; hopefully they implement that and flashlights obviously