Many different points of feedback: Performance, Nades, Snipers, Windows, TTK, Movement, Cosmetics

First off: My first start into the new beta was quite terrible. Couldn't get past 20 stuttering FPS, so I didn't bother anymore and quit before my first match haseven ended. With good performance in the alpha and first beta I must admit that my hopes were fading and I became quite frustrated as I really wanted this game to be great.

Gladly, the performacne patch made the game playable once again, and it has not been that stable ever on my PC. FPS are between 60 and 40 with the occasional stutter during heavy fire, nades or other extensive FX. Peeking corners and breaking in doors can yield more serious stutters though which are obviously extrewmely inconvenient at situations like these.

Keep in mind, all of my feedback is solely gathered during local play btw, for online I'll be waiting for the hitreg fix!

Performance aside, I have some thoughts on gameplay elements, some of which I don't see being brought up.

1. Auto-equipping primary after throw or detonation:
During room clearing playing the marksman class, I noticed that the character auto-equips the primary weapon after I have thrown a grenade, despite of the fact that I had my pistol equipped prior to the throw. I get that you are not supossed to be on breaching duty as a sniper or dmr, but it would be nice across all classes to have the character remember the previous weapon selection so you would not have to cycle back to your cqc pistol every time as it wastes precious seconds.

2. Manual bolt-recking on snipers:
I would love to be able to manualy bolt my sniper rifle to be able to see the bullet impact and follow the target (if missed) for as long as I wont without forcefully breaking sight as the character wrecks to bolt.

3. Jumping to death:
The option to vault out of windows is apparent even on the ones in multi-story buildings, which most of the time leads to the character dying. Is this by design?

4. TTK
While I have read through multiple threads complaining about the higher TTK, I noticed that during offline play I was able to kill with 3-4 pistol shots to the CBM quite reliably. Rifles felt very deadly too. This leads me to believe that the issue in online play is indeed the fault of hit reg errors and I wouldm like to recommend everyone checking local play for the more real feel of guns, TTK and health.

5. Movement
Through the multiple iterations movement speed has gone through, I think it is still too fast. Or better, to agile. Decreasing the acceleration and deaccelaration across the board while taking into account the heavyness of the equipped gear would make heavy armour much more optional in opposition to the current meta and make lighter loadouts more viable once again. In addition to that I can only add what has been said already in other posts:
Make speed more dependent on direction changes to counter the current possibility to effectively zig-zag.
Introduce movement penalties to being shot, like a 1-3 second hard speed debuff upoin being hit, maybe scale with weapon damage or bullet velocity.

6. Cosmetics:**
I welcome the fact that items of the same look now come at mostly the same price, instead of making it dependant on fancy colour options. I have to say though, some of the item prizes seem to be way out of proportion:
Let's fancy I'd like to play as a modernized spec-ops security dude/dudess: I would have to spend about 2000 C for the Cyre uniform, 900 C for gloves, 900 C for boots and a whoping 1800 C for an Ops Core helmet??? This sums up to 5800 C in total, with 100 C per level I would have to level until lvl 58 for that if I get unlucky with drops? What the hell? If there are no micro-transactions planned, why make items require so much grind? I progressed to lvl 25 in the alpha in 35 hours, don't make me waste all this time just for a SINGLE fancy helmet.
I suggest either lowering the prices of most items across the board or raising the reward to atleast its current double.
Alternatively, the reward could be tied to individual performance per match, with the ability to gain both experiecne and coins during offline local play, maybe at a lowered rate.

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The ability to make custom patches or just preset ones you can choose from for your character would be awesome too

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