How REAL baret hats are supposed to be worn.

The current design of beret hats on Security side is the straight out of the factory, non worn version. On the first day you receive one of these however, you are meant to fold it on one side completely looking like the pictures below. I find it funny since if you see anyone wearing a beret like that, it means they've just received them and hasn't put the time in to fold it yet, meaning they are rather raw recruits still in training camp or alike. It's not a big deal, but still a welcome change nonetheless to look like what they are supposed to.




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The berets look like actual potatoes. You look like a POG straight out of basic. Out of my 6 hours of playtime this is the number 1 thing that irks me holy smokes... 2nd thing would be the slow loading of weapons/textures. Beret should be an easier fix 😉

Also what gets me a little inside (though not a priority for the game right now) is with one of the heels pointing up when you go prone
It should look like this with both heels flat on the ground:

And not like this, which is how it is currently in game, with one of the heels pointing up:
*Note the image above is an intermediate position, and hasn't completely gone prone.

Edit: forgot to mention, this is literally something you learn EVEN BEFORE you practice shooting.

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