Questions on Voice Overs

Of course I know that Mikee will do his amazing voice lines for this game, and hopefully not in his closet where the Christmas tree use to be, but what I am really wondering are the Insurgent forces. In the previous game, they all spoke english with accents, although will this be the same case for the newer game, or will they speak in their native language?

I personally would like to see actual Arabic voice lines for the insurgents, cause having voice lines in English with an accent feels kinda cheesy.

I get what you mean, but I'm happy they wont be doing that...
I like to understand the information that my team mates are spewing out.

i hope they use their native language 2 , a good example would be Day of infamy which the Germans actually talk in german

Kinda late, but just to leave it here,

Sandstorm will use English but ofc. with an accent, for several obv. reasons and simply for the sake of understanding.
It was stated that Insurgency: Sandstorm takes place in the obv. middle-easternish setting, but they dont wanna get to "close" to actual real "Armys/Groups"
Its "Security" and "Insurgents" and not any specific set nation/group/army what ever.

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