This game is terrible and not ready for release

I think I speak for everyone when I see this game is NOT ready to be released in two weeks.
-The optimization is absolutely terrible, I'm running a gtx960 and I barely get 25-40 fps with everything on low settings. Everytime someone peaks a corner that I'm watching I will get frame stutters and die, it's extremely frustrating.
-The hit detection is garbage and it takes too many shots to down an enemy. There's not enough recoil and people can spray and pray like it's COD or battlefield.
-The vehicles are jenky and dysfunctional, you can't look behind you at all or tell if someone is in the turret when you're driving. The mirrors don't do anything. They will get stuck on objects that aren't there or struggle going over bumps that a truck IRL would have no problem traversing.
-The menu is almost unnavigable, the cursor has to be above and to the right of whatever it is you're trying to select, and somethings literally can't be selected at all.
-There's no indicator of who's using the voicechat or a way to mute people so if someone is spamming the chat yelling n****r over and over again you can't do anything about it other than turn voice chat completely off.
-The commander has way too much ordinance available and they can just spam it throughout the game if the observer will actually come to them.
-The gunplay is clunky and sometimes even unresponsive. There's been times where I have a full magazine and I click to shoot and literally nothing happens.
-The voice acting is obnoxious and unrealistic. People can spam voicelines without any limits.
-Sometimes I can't even deploy, it will lock me into the loadout menu and pressing enter or M doesn't do anything.

I could go on for much longer about the problems with this game, my point is the devs need to delay the release by several months at the least. The game will get terrible press if they release it at the original release date. I've spent hundreds of hours playing the original insurgency and it's honestly much more fun and playable than this game.

Are you sure you're playing Insurgency Sandstorm?

i dont agree with 95% in what youre saying , and im not sure what to say to you without beeing a dick,im speachless

How do I downvote a comment?

You make a couple valid points but the absurd hyperbole on your other points really detracts from your argument.

The hit detection will hopefully be fixed in the patch tomorrow.
They've acknowledged the bug in the voip name pop-ups which usually means a fix will be coming soon.

And the other points are mostly, just like, your opinion, man.

You are 100% correct. This game does not feel like the original insurgency. It needs a A LOT of more time before it can be released. I enjoy the original Insurgency more.

@mohdak What´s the point of making a new INS when it should be like the old one then?

@malarki83 New means upgrading the game while maintaining the core mechanics. Not changing the whole thing to pander to a wider and more casual audience. CoD and BF players are used to run'n gun. This game was never intended to be like that.

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Note the fanboys that dont address the point but what to downvote it regardless.

Fresh from reddit i see.

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Did you read my comment?

The two technical issues he pointed out I did address. The others are largely opinions that, while valid, are design decisions and not indicators of a broken game.

Instead of spilling more vitriol, why not try to improve the discussion.

Mikey has said in a live stream that they want to retain the feel of original insurgency, so all you scrubs saying "but this is a different game" need to realize this is not what the devs have in mind, they are still balancing everything at the moment, and I'll hold my breath for the Thursday update, but honestly, the game should be delayed to work on it more.

@mohdak Never felt that run `n gun would let me achieve anything in INS:S except getting shot at and killed from all sides. But maybe because i only play Coop.
I rather walk, ADS, with at least one buddy on my side, when in an unsecured area. Made us letting live very long.

@malarki83 Play PVP... You need like 6-7 shots from an AK to die, or 3 shots from a damn bolt action sniper to die!!! So there is no fear of running across a street, because you know people will either miss, or not hit you enough times to kill. It became so much less tactical than the first insurgency, where it only needed 1 or 2 bullets from an AK to kill someone. Every bullet was threatening, and made you feel genuine fear (specially when you are the last man standing)

@mohdak Dmg values havent changed that much, its just that hit reg makes the game feel like that, you can try a local play, spawn in, hit - on your keyboard, click ai, then click toggle ai, ai will stop and you can test dmg values with them, aks are actually still 2 shots, 3 with heavy armor.

@fran-bow said in This game is terrible and not ready for release:

I think I speak for everyone

You don't speak for me, so stop acting like you are.

@mohdak 6-7 shots from AK to Kill? Nah, you are exaggerating. Unless it is lag induced hit detection issues, players die in 2-3 shots from AKM. 2 shots to Kill no armor and light armor, 3 for heavy armor. Possibly 4 shots if you just shoot the enemy in the legs.

For sure there is no more 1 hit kill unless you shoot their heads.

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@mohdak Hit reg, my friend, hit reg. Wait until Thursday's hotfix to see if that still holds true.

@fran-bow said in This game is terrible and not ready for release:

I think I speak for everyone

Don't think that because you don't speak for everyone. You don't speak for me.

I can see this behaviour all over the forum across different topics:

"We want..."
"We need..."
"We used to love..."

This is for everyone: please stop talking like you talk for everyone else or for some sort of mythical mob of imaginative people. "We" and "us" is never defined. It is just used as rhetorical tool to make one's post seem like it has more meaning.

You only speak for yourself and if people agree, they will tell it to you and/or upvote your post 🙂

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@mohdak wait for the Hit-Reg Hotfix today.

@malarki83 Everybody been talking about that Thursday hotfix, when is it gonna happen (time) because its already Friday here (Australia)