Limb penetration and TTK

A lot of times I aim straight at an enemy player with a bolt action and fire at center mass. Too bad he's turned sideways and you hit their shoulder in front of the body. And now the shot counts as an arm shot so you don't get the kill.

Right now I regularly survive shots with no armor at all and it's almost always arm shots when I watch the replay. It's not hitreg issues as in the bullets just fail to register. It does hit and do damage, but it's counted as an arm hit which always takes 3-4 shots to kill someone. You can be aiming center mass but their arm can still be in the way. It just happens so randomly.

Can we please have a working limb penetration system in the game, so shots to the body/head through limbs would actually deal proper damage? I think the lack of limb penetration is the #1 source of TTK problems in the game, and it makes no sense in both a realistic and gameplay perspective.

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@2001zhaozhao Well, hitreg still seems a little wonky occasionally, but the problem does seem fixed for the most part.

They also adjusted prone positions on inclines, which I (am highly convinced) was a huge cause of the "multiple headshots needed to kill" bug.

still hitting legs with no effect.