First spawn after loading

Why can't you spawn in at the truck when your done loading, if you have a slow load your stuck watching two guys taking a very long time taking the first objective. Let everyone at least spawn in, if they get killed after that so be it they have to wait for the objective to be taken.

Yeah, the pre-game stuff seems too complex.

There's a pre-game timer, which starts as soon as any player selects a class.

This means that since I have my loadout saved and click Deploy as soon as I load in, all the other players now have 25 seconds to load in and choose loadouts.

Then we get to wait ten seconds as we sit in the back of a truck, and then we get to spawn and actually play.

There needs to be at least a grace period at the start of the map, I'd say that as soon as a player selects class the first time they spawn in immediately.

I mean, why not just have a "Start counter at % players loaded" where % is some minimum percent of the players attempting to connect within X seconds of the session being setup?

Far smarter than letting 1 person with an SSD (usually me... ;__; ) try and take the first objective alone with bots being able to hunt you down while walking...