Reload bug

Is anyone else having a bug were they reload and it says that they have a full mag and you go to shoot and all you get is a click. i find my self atm having to reload 3 times because it keeps bugging out

Maybe you are moving too fast and it cancels your reload animation. It is a game mechanic : if you don't wait the reload to be done, then you just have your bullet in your weapon's chamber, and you have to put on your clip to keep shooting.

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that is what i thought at first but i'm standing still crouched and it still does it

Not getting this issue at all unfortunately. The only time this seems to happen is when I do exactly what Kerroro explained above

I've had this glitch, but only on the single feeders i.e. the Mosin and Toz

I also have a slightly different issue where when I try and do a speed reload, it will play the right animation, but it won't drop the magazine, just store it, and it takes as long to finish as a normal reload.

It's not a bug, you started the reload process but cancelled it.
Your mag indicator isn't even showing a full mag, it's hollow when this happens.
Empty the chamber and reload, then sprint or cancel by jumping/vaulting/swapping firearm, you'll see its not a bug but a feature.

It's very frustrating for it to happen, it's happened to me many times, tac reload - cancel without thinking about it cus you can't sprint and reload (Why the hell not? We don't need hands to run as we're bipedal.) and go to engage a target only to hear CLICK, or in some cases there is a round in the chamber and then you die.

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It's not being cancelled. I've watched very carefully when I think it'll happen and sometimes the ammo goes up and snaps back down when I fire and other times it just doesn't go up and the indicator fades out. I am absolutely sure that it is a glitch. Several times while waiting for start I'll get a glitch where the speed reload animation plays, but the mag-out and mag-in actions play in sync with the tac reload. MP is especially glitchy.

I wish they went back to the old reload system. I have been experiencing the same issue. I let the reload animation finish, without sprinting or switching weapons, and there's no bullets. It's been an issue for too long.

This is a bug, it's known about, and will be addressed in a future patch.