Unable to sign into new world services

When i launch the game, it just says "unable to sign into new world services". The only help ive gotten on steam forums from devs was "restart router and pc" which I've already done several times. I was told to email them but never got a reply. So im hoping i can get a fix. Ive uninstalled and re installed it. Ive validated files and everything.0_1536095757700_c765330f-3d45-4b09-b180-2ea5244dfdcf-image.png

If you are unable to sign in it is because your network or security software is blocking the game.

Do you know how one would fix it?

Or either check ur firewall settings may u have not given it permission control panel - network and firewall settings - allow app through firewall -search for sandstorm app check both public and private box

It is allowed but yet it still doesnt allow me to play.

honestly this has got to be a joke. Told several people to email, and we get no response. Goes forum to forum commenting the same thing and marks it as an solution, yet he is stating a very general claim as to what causing it, which isn't true as every thing insurgency related is allowed through my fire wall. I want to be able to play this game. if not i'm getting a fucking refund