Footsteps Sounds Need to be louder and also play even if they player does not have a visual on the player producing the sounds. If this game aims to be a competitive shooter with the likes of CS:GO and Rainbow 6 Siege, it needs to have MUCH better footstep sounds. You can't have people being ninja silent on comp firefight especially inside buildings.

Otherwise, I like what the team is doing as far as TTK being longer (perhaps a bit too long for 5.56/5.45 guns-perhaps another damage increase OR a recoil reduction is in order), but I would ask that the 7.62x51mm rifles have a touch more recoil if they are doing that much more damage versus the 5.56/5.45 rifles.

In Competitive mode, I would recommend lowering the points cost of a few assault rifles by 1 or 2 points.

Other than those issues, just continue to tune the movement speed/system and sharpen up the player models and animations. Performance for me is now pretty good at very high settings @ 1080p. Core i5 8500 16gb ram @ 2666mhz, GTX 1070.