Next update

When is the next update and what will it bring?

Would love to hear the new plans for this fantastic game 🙂

Hi there!

We're currently working on having a Spintires: MudRunner update out early this year.

Well that basically means nothing in January, or they would have said this month.

@articzap I know right!? 😕 Hopefully a patch and some new features come soon "early this year".

@iyagovosYou're not keeping the game very interesting. Long wait times for update ain't good. I haven't played this game in over a month because I'm waiting for steam workshop map support. at least rush that out.

yeah an update is needed soon as there still too many bugs and problems that cause big issues...

new update, cool
wonder what its going to include

@jprice90 said in Next update:

new update, cool
wonder what its going to include

If it's not the so called 'massive open world to explore map' as they promised on the backside of the Spintires Mudrunner package design, nothing much I'm afraid... There's nothing to do in this game after a couple of hours gameplay. This game should not have been released for consoles...