It's a mixed bag for me, to be honest.

it's either to easy (co-op), or the deployment of commander abilities takes to long.

The time it takes to deploy a commander action, like mortars takes way to long in regards to the gameplay.
Most of the time, u deploy a ability, the enemies are already dead, u damage/kill teammates, or u are already on the move to the next objective.
So far only the gunship and minigun are good and usable when defending an objective.

I can see three things, but im curious what everyone else thinks.

  1. Mark the objectives pre-game, like a real world scenario where the team before deployment exactly knows what they need to do in what order.
    Give the commander a map instead of bino's where he can mark the location his attack should be. so when capturing objective A he could mortar objective C or G.
    This means enemies that normaly spawn at C after capturing B already should have spawned,

I have no clue how much that could impact performance, having every AI already spawn in.(maybe staging could work, A,B,C & D, E, F & G,H,I)

  1. Speed the thing up, like all of them.

  2. Make AI more complex, more enemies and give the player more time. so the team doesnt have the ability to rush, has the time to play tactical, and the commander becomes a part of the team.

Im curious what u guys think of this?