Add Allahu Akbar

I think it would be hilarious and more realistic to add Allahu Akbar for the Talibans. Even though it is not a command or anything, but it is something Talibans would say in a fight

Oh don't worry there are always amazing sound mods for ins and the first thing I feel like modders are going to do is get rid of these shit voices... Or at least they'll make it so the SAME FUCKING VOICES aren't used for both Security and Insurgents.

You must not play on the INS team very often if you don't t think there's enough snackbar.

Granted, it's over voice chat.

INS one of a few games that make people go full ISIS Unnamed terror group

It would also make more sense if the suicide bombers shouted that because interrupting it (by killing them) would make so much more sense than the way it is now. If the phone is ALREADY RINGING, then killing the guy isn't going to do anything, but for some does.