I hope to restore the bullet option

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With the devs saying that they won't include AP rounds in the final product. Then basically there is no alternative options to have rather than having Heavy Armour as a Primary.

There are issues in movement mechanics which make people feel the way they do about heavy armor. I can list them again if you want. AP ammo is obviously not a solution, when the root of the problem is in movement mechanics.

@highburrito so you just want a forum full of people agreeing instead of having an argument based on facts and valid examples? Gotcha.

I've already rekt enough people on their BS in this forum a new one. If you need one as well feel free to mention me more. Do you wanna start an argument? Provide facts and examples.

@Benz actually I agree with you... You're just assuming that I don't because you want arguments to come out of the forums. I'm just commenting on your 24/7 forum rage.

@highburrito stop posting OT and contribute to the topic pls

P.S: did you really just say i only want arguments, while YOU mentioned me in a thread i didn't even post in?! While YOU are the one baiting in multiple threads?! Nice double standard.

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@Benz This post was a joke before I called you out. I'm going to stop talking to you now since I want this topic to stay open.

I agree on having the option for AP ammo back, but explosives are not too weak. Blowing people up from long range when you don't even have line of sight to them is horrible for something trying to be a tactical shooter.

@master-quixote yeah I have seen that, but to me that's not what the game should be encouraging. I don't think a tactical shooter should reward people for foot-shooting people.