I hope to restore the bullet option

In insurgency sandstrom haven't choose the bullet. Haven't bullet option cause it unlike Insurgency. This is the first question.
The second,the bullet power is too weak. I once hit three shots at the enemy's head and didn't die. wtf????
The third, Explosive damage is still too weak.
I suggest that the push mode can increase the number of obj.After all, the map is too big, and only three objs in the push mode are too boring. No feeling of INSURGENCY stimulation before

The devs has decided to remove the bullet options. The type of guns now decides what kind of damage it will output.

Explosives such as RPG-7 and MAWWS have reduce explosive radius. Both are more catered for vehicle destruction. The bigger rocket launchers are the Panzerfaust-3 and the AT4.

It is true that explosives in general are less deadly now. The biggest explosions are now from the fire support called in by the Commander/Observer classes.

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Any shot to the head should be an insta-kill. It sounds like you had a hit reg problem on that.

I'm honestly happier without the option.

My opinion has always been that there is a huge amount of customization that doesn't really offer players choice.

AP ammo was always better, so there was never a reason to use anything else.

If the customization doesn't offer any significant differences, or one is so overpowered that it becomes meta, then it stops being an option and becomes another thing one has to click when setting up loadouts.

I'd like to see the Marksman/Sniper class have the option to take AP rounds onto the field at the cost of a couple points. Out of all the classes to have special ammunition, this ones a no-brainer.

@jballou you should try mp5k+hp or ump45+hp shooting legs,it is interesting.

@skidd-chung but in INSURGENCY , i offen use the explosives to kill a person who shoots a black gun in a certain place. Those places are M67/F1 can not be thrown there or difficult to kill with a gun. At this time RPG-7/AT4 is your good helper. But in ins:ss can't du that. You can't rely on the radio soldier and the commander to have a good match. You haven't method to kill sniper , It’s just that this will make your gaming experience worse.(At least for now, this is the case in ins:ss.)

@master-quixote Sandstorm maps are bigger, has more buildings and hard cover to move around in. If enemies are in good defensive positions, you can opt to avoid them and try a flank instead.

In previous Insurgency, any defense can be solved with a RPG or grenade launcher. It was useful mainly because the maps were smaller and choke points are harder to overcome. But it created a meta filled with explosives ridden combat. It was very easy to dominate another team as Demolition of Rocketeer class. The class is probably the most powerful one in terms of firepower it can bring. Spamming of grenades also was common because it can kill any enemies within the blast radius.

Currently in Sandstorm, more players are killed by being shot than being blown up. I personally hope this meta remains because explosive meta can be frustrating because players feel helpless against them.

With the devs saying that they won't include AP rounds in the final product. Then basically there is no alternative options to have rather than having Heavy Armour as a Primary. If they nerfed Heavy Armour to the point where you can survive one or two shots (depending on the gun),make you move a lot slower and expensive, then I wouldn't have a problem. Because it made you consider your options. Take the original for example; You picked LMG, heavy armour, But you don't have enough for Optics or ammo vest. So you think about taking light armour and a vest to hold some ammo, Or you could say take off the armour to have a scope on your gun to provide long range suppressing fire. That what we loved, Different various loadouts for people with different idea and playstyles. But in sandstorm, these changes will cause Fans of the original to feel alienated with this one. Many of the players here come from the Original and majority loved the concept of the original. the fact you can be killed with a single shot. The same aspect that games like Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 have, and yet so many people love that hardcore gameplay. While this is a Beta and I expect more updates to come, and I will keep playing and sending feedback, However I feel like many fans of the original will not find the same thing here and will either look elsewhere or go back to the original.

Wait for the hitreg hotfix, then let’s talk about this problem.

@skidd-chung I also tried to bypass them by flanking. But until the last time I played pvp, I met a team of ten people across the street and a whole line of defense was in good control. So the real experience of the game is very bad. And explosives damage is too low, and can not really open defense line for teammates.

@master-quixote then it is up to the Commander to clear the path for the team.

I don't agree that 1 player or class should have the ability to overcome a strong enemy defences. A proper defence should be rewarded as would a proper offence. If an enemy defense is really good, then your team need to improve the offense effort.

@skidd-chung The problem is that if the commander and the radio soldier don't know how to play this occupation , your team can stucks. And then the RPG-7/AT4 in your hand is not enough to open the enemy line of defense, then how do you do? Exit the game ? XD

I really hope AP doesn't come back. Unpopular opinion, I know, but I don't want 80% of the game's arsenal and an entire class of items being made redundant.

Plus, if you test it in local play, you'll see the time to kill isn't that bad. It's just the borked hit reg messing everything up, which will hopefully be fixed tomorrow.

@master-quixote it is how the game is. In every game of Insurgency and even in Sandstorm, not everyone plays the same way. Some are really good and some are bad. Same problem when you join a game and the person playing the Demolition class only carried smoke grenades which is not very efficient.

You are asking for a class that can clear a lane or a hard defensive position, and the Commander + Observer is the answer.

Devs are moving away from explosion driven kills towards more gun fights.

@quadsword everyone seems to complain about higher Time to Kill, but so far I have always died within 1 second of being shot at. So yeah I think TTK is still very short and guns are still deadly. Just no more 1 hit kills.

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@skidd-chung It's the hit reg. It fools people into thinking TTK is longer than it actually is, but the real problem is that the server simply isn't registering their hits.

Hopefully after Thursday, the hit reg will be fixed and we can put this discussion to bed.

i have passed that situation also, easy overcome suggestion is to use a smoke and flank or use a timed/cooked granade.
btw the IED/C4 are still op in this game u can kill enemies camping in a far corner with it.

sure hitreg still has issues.
but ap ammo don't needed at all.
neither light/heavy armour.
in the insurgency2 even if u noticed, by bound to supply point, if u chhose any gun with suppressor and forgrip you'll have to let go the ap ammo and heavy Armour.
btw most of the rushers never uses any of that, not the ap ammo specifically if ur going for suppressor with foregrip

For once I don't see @Benz in a TTK/Bullet pen thread... It's almost too quiet... almost... peaceful.

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