DELAY Insurgency PLZ

I am concerned over the state of the game. Its not ready to be released currently. Between the game play issues like bad hit reg, to movement, and lack of vote kicking to graphical issues like the horrible third person animations, to downed helicopters getting stuck mid air for the entire match!

And then there is the lack of content. Only 3 game modes, co-op is a fun distraction, but gets old fast, and the competitive sucks, no offense to those who like firefight, but the maps are too big to support it in its current state. Only 4 maps currently, and none of them are brilliant.

It feels like its ready for early access, not for full release in two weeks.

I put hundreds of hours in Insurgency, and around 80 in DOI, and both of those games are much better than this is at its current state. I worry reviewers will tear this game apart, and it will never reach the potential it has. I only say this because I want this game, and NWI to succeed in every way possible.

What! It's a beta. There will be no votes in a beta, they are not testing votes. 3rd person view is also not a priority. Hit Reg is and I'd say its top priority and has seen huge improvements since beta 1. You need to understand what a beta is for. I would guess the entire UI will be different on the hard release date and will include lots of items we would expect in any game. This beta is for them, not you. It's not a full game yet. They have said over and over on the hard release date 6 maps and more game modes. I would expect the same modes as INS2 and DOI since they are not testing new modes. I am so thankful I was a beta tester back in the day and understand what it is. So many DEVs have ruined games by putting them on "early access". That is nothing more than, hey pay us now, so we can stop working. With posts like this I bet NWI is thinking a closed beta would have been better..., or they just sift through and toss it, to get to what they need, bug reports. If they release this game in mid Sept and its the same, than post something like this.

Must say I agree much. The game is great fun at the moment, but we expect obvious fixes and the devs are actively working on all that and that's great. But two weeks? Damn, I'm worried as well, for the same reasons as you. Maybe they'll pull it off and we don't know enough of how it is in the dev office/how quick things are moving, but maybe they won't, and I don't want that to happen :'c

@rifrafjonesy it's a beta, true, but I'm not so sure NWI can fix all the issues with the game in what little time they have before the scheduled launch.

Don't get your hopes up, this open beta marked the point of no return for sure. I expect NWI are on a clock from their publisher to get this shipped.

@RifRafJonesy I get the point of a beta. And by third person, I did not mean a third person perspective like Ghost Recon Wildlands. I meant the external player model animations. The way characters move around the map looks ridiculous and unnatural, in addition to making difficult targets. And they did do a closed beta. I was part of it, and actually, it was looking better then, at least game play wise. Performance not so much. And I realize that this is not an EA game, I only mentioned it because in the time they have left to finish it I find it hard to believe it will play like a finished product.

I only post to maybe communicate that fans are OKAY with them deciding to delay the game for a month or two to work on the polish, and to add more content.

I'd rather wait to have the public receive a great game, than another flavor of the week Steam game that's dead in a month because it wasn't flushed out enough nor polished. Myself I will play regardless, and I know NWI will continue to work on the game years after release. I imagine they'd like to have seasons similar to CS:GO or R6S, and the same kind of die hard competitive base. I know R6S had a rocky launch and turned it around, but that's Ubisoft, I don't think NWI has the capital to do the same.

I want to love this game. I loved Insurgency 2, and I loved the original mod. I feel like this game has enormous potential, even in the beta I am really enjoying it. I think it can become a way bigger game than the original if it's polished a little more.

Two weeks doesn't seem like enough time to fix the major issues I see, but I'd bet that most could be sorted by early October.

Content aside, I think that there are still major issues with hit registration, optimization (especially when in action), and usability. I've found people are willing to wait on more content, as long as the current content works as advertised.

I'm worried that a release on the 19th might set a tone that this is a bad game, and hurt the community and developers alike.

Even if it was something like a "Hey we're releasing as is, we've got this roadmap for the issues, and buying now means you'll get a game in progress" the honesty could go a long way.

I agree that a lot of gamers would appreciate a developer changing a release date to ensure quality. I doubt it'd take long, and with the people in the beta, we should be able to get things sorted quickly.

I worry that an unfinished release, or even worse a rushed release, would cut the legs off this game before it got the buy in it deserves.

And what does everyone have to say after last nights patch. This game is coming right along. The biggest issue in the game was hit reg and this patch just about took it completely away. Just reinforces my point, must don't know what a beta is for.

I think maybe delaying the game would be a good idea as we can't play against bots in versus modes.

Yeah given the progress in the Sep 6 patch, I'll amend my statements to "man I really hope that they get it all polished and ready". The progress in that patch is impressive, and I'm getting more and more optimistic that the release will be better than I had previously thought. I'd be extremely happy to be proven wrong on my fears 😃

NWI I 100% respect your decision for delaying the game.

aaaaand boom, your wish came through.