Rework or remove supply system.

Literally anyone can equip heavy armor, a grenade, and a ak/m4 easily. Whole supply point system should be reworked at this point. There's no thought and strategy to picking weapons and balancing between armor/ammo and firepower. Why even have a supply points system when you'll always have 3 or 4 points left?
Most importantly make heavy armor 4 or 5 points, possibly more. This could solve the TTK problem while giving some value to armor.

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Solve the TTK problem by increasing weapon damage across the board and nerfing heavy armor hard. Everything should be a one hit kill against no armor. Rifles should be a one hit kill against light armor, while pistols and SMGs are two shots. Against heavy armor, make pistols/SMGs three shots, make lower caliber rifles two shots, and higher caliber rifles one shot.